Melanie Bowers reviews

When we decided to sell the first home we had purchased we were extremely nervous. The market wasn’t the best in our area and we weren’t sure how realistic it was going to be to sell. Melanie went above and beyond in making sure that our home was marketable and we sold our home in 13 days! Then when we went to purchase our new home she was very patient with us. Due to her amazing negotiation skills Melanie got us all that we wanted plus more. Even after the sell of the home she has called to make sure everything was still to our expectations or if there was anything she could do. You know you have a good agent when the buying agent of our old home and the selling agent of our new home both commented about how Melanie has gone above and beyond what the obligations of an agent are. I can’t even say enough good things about Melanie!

Al M.

She is very detail oriented and really listens to your wants and needs. She is organized and is always one step ahead. She cares about you individually and really goes the extra mile in all areas to make sure you are happy. She is, hands down, the best agent we have ever worked with, I cannot say enough good things about her.

Erica M.

We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Mel Bowers. Ours was a difficult real estate transaction, but she we was there every step of the way, representing our interests and negotiating for us.

Shara L.

I would recommend Mel to anyone looking for there dream home. She took the time to educate my wife and I on the process of buying a home. She reassured me the whole time that I was in control and it was all about me and my wife. My favorite thing Mel did is pointed out all the bad thing about houses we were looking at. At first glance we would get really excited and not notice things that could be a problem down the road. Mel was very good a finding those things and letting us know so we could make the best choice possible. Mel = Top Dog of Real Estate Agents !!!

Shane & Karen

After more than a year of trying (and failing) to deal with the bank on a home that was vacant and in default due to divorce, I randomly picked a name on-line and got the best gift I could have asked for – Mel!! Mel jumped right into the fray, got her amazing short sale team on the case and before I could hardly blink, it was over and done. She overcame the obstacles of an ugly, vacant house, owners who were out of state and a messy mortgage that seemed to have fallen through ALL of the cracks. Mel was happy, friendly, supportive and attentive. She was able to answer most of our questions and the answers she didn’t know, she found. I am simply thrilled that she was able to clean up a mess that had caused my family so much stress and frustration and she did it with a smile and a hug.

The difference between Melanie and other realtors is the fact she really listens to you. Mel has a talent for reading between the lines, asking the right questions, and finding what you really want in a home. Her eye for even the smallest detail saved us money and time, noticing things even the seller’s agent missed. She often delivered out of the box ideas trying her very hardest to make us happy. Her network of real estate professionals; home inspector and lenders are some of the finest people I have ever worked with. Melanie helped us make choices, even if it meant she lost the commissions, based on us being happy not just today but years down the road with the house we found. She has even reached out months later making sure we are happy.

Jason A.

She’s very personable, hard working and dedicated. She has SO many connections!! We went through her lender, who was much more experienced and helpful than the few we had researched before finding Mel. It really impressed me how involved she was. I knew she must have been busy, but I would never have known because she gave us 100% of her concentration and dedication when she was working with us. She really fought for us to get the best deal possible, AND to get what we needed to fit our little family’s needs and wants.

Because she knows the process of things so well, the selling of my property was smooth! She went the extra mile for me in helping me find a contractor and really investigating details when it came to repairs needed for my property. I didn’t have to worry about the details of the process, because I knew Melanie was handling it! She was a great advocate for me when dealing with the buyer’s agent. It was nice to know she cared about my property as much as I did!

Wow! She had 34 showings in one week and sold it exactly 7 days later. She did a pre-inspection so that we could correct any repairs prior to the house going on the market, and when there were things requiring Stucco and plumbing she called contractors and even met them at my house so I would not have to deal with it. I received $8,900.00 over the LISTING price for my home.

Kim N.

I listed the house for a few months FSBO and had lots of foot traffic but no offers. I was discouraged. I turned to Melanie and with her help – she came to the house and did a walk through and made suggestions. We took it off the market and did exactly what she told us to do. We re-listed it on a Thursday, we showed on Friday, we had an offer that night. Had I not put my house into the hands of the pro, I might not be sitting here typing this review from my dream farm. You cannot go wrong with Melanie Bowers on your side.