Thoughtful Exercises In Self-Development

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You can’t get ahead if you’re not willing to take chances. Professional development coach Rich Gee suggests these two exercises for getting started on the next step in your life or career:

  • Explain where you are now to your past self. Pretend you can talk to yourself five years ago. Tell this past self what to expect—the bad as well as the good. You’ll gain insight into what you might have done differently that may help you in the future. You’ll also remind yourself that you can survive anything in life.
  • Look back from your future. Now pretend that you’re talking to a version of yourself from five years in the future. Imagine what advice you might give yourself. This will give you a positive vision and concrete goals to strive toward. With a clear view of where you want to be, you’ll be able to take specific steps to reach your professional and personal objectives.

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