Don’t Stop Fidgeting…

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Do you have a hard time sitting still at work? Do you find yourself unconsciouslytapping your foot or playing with your pen? Don’t fight the urge! A British study has found evidence suggesting that fidgeting at your desk may actually be good for your health.

The UK Women’s Cohort Study divided thousands of participants into three groups based on how much they fidgeted—low, middle, and high. Those in the “low” group, who sat while working for seven hours, were found to have a mortality risk 30 percent higher than those who spent the same amount of time seated, but who fidgeted at middle or high levels. This suggests that fidgeting may help to compensate for the health risks of sitting still in one’s chair for long periods of time.

The data seems to support the advice that moving around even a little throughout your day can have positive health benefits, and may even help you live longer.

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