Letters of the Heart – December 2014

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Sometimes You Have to Keep Going

Most of us have experienced dire circumstances in life when we had to keep going or risk losing something of great value, perhaps even our own life. It’s one of the ways that we learn to be resilient, by having to dig deep inside and come up with more strength than we thought we had. Here’s a story about a young woman that illustrates this point:

I had gone with friends to a small resort island in Indonesia. Being 16 and invincible, I decided to windsurf alone to a small deserted island nearby. Halfway there, the wind changed and I found myself getting carried out towards open water. I panicked and began fighting the sail. Several times I dropped it into the water and had to pull it back up with brute force. Being a small girl, it took a toll on me and after a while I had lost all strength. I was afraid to paddle with my arms because I was worried about sharks, so I just lay on the board and floated out to sea.

Finally, I clamped down on my fear. I had to think my way out of this, so when I had the strength again, I picked up the sail and began very carefully tacking into the oncoming wind rather than fighting it. No one had ever taught me that, but I just figured that there had to be a way, and I refused to give up. Eventually over the course of two hours, I worked my way back to shore. The feeling of triumph did not diminish the lesson learned…that I was a fool for going out alone in the first place.

Now that my own children are teenagers, I try to warn them to look before they leap and think before they act. But I know that they will face these moments where they may have to keep going or die, and I realize that the best preparation I can give them is the strength to stay calm and think clearly in moments of crisis.

What a great story that reminds me to push through when the going gets tough. After all, there’s very little in my daily circumstances as dire as getting swept out to sea.



Melanie Bowers
Your Consultant For Life

P.S.  If you remember a time when you had to push through or face losing something important, I’d love to hear about it. Reach me at: melaniebowers@gmail.com or 801-910-7436 to share your story.

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