Preferred Lenders

One of the first steps in buying your home is to talk to a trusted Mortgage Lender. Choosing a lender you feel comfortable working with is important. The lender you choose will work with you to determine the loan program that is best for you. They will help you decide on the monthly mortgage payment and the purchase price range that works best for you. Getting your pre-qualification from a lender is essential to have completed prior to any serious house hunting and necessary to have before writing and submitting the offer on your new home. Please feel free to contact any of these trusted and qualified lenders. Please let the lender of your choice know that you are working with me and or my team.

Below is a list of the lenders our past clients have been happy using. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to working with you.

Shauna Judd at Citiwide Home Loans

NMLS #268049

Phone: 801-604-2227
Shauna Judd’s Website


Jeremy Smith at Community Lending Service

Personal NMLS #1349
Company NMLS #2727

Phone: 801-676-6610
Jeremy Smith’s Website

Kim Hendry at Citiwide Home Loans

NMLS #288635

Phone: 801-688-0599
Kim Hendry’s Website


Ali Bills at Graystone Mortgage

NMLS# 305235

Phone: 801-983-8234
Kim Hendry’s Website