Workaholic Apps

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If you work on your computer all day, then you know how easy it is to lose track of time and skip breaks. Meanwhile, your waistline, muscle tone, eyesight, and creativity suffer.

As you might expect, there are plenty of apps on the market for your smartphone to remind you to take breaks. Some are downright sadistic, calling you names, deducting money from your bank account, or sending messages to your social networks when you don’t follow through.

But for the work world, you want less intrusive apps. Here are two desktop apps for both the PC and MAC, encouraging you to take periodic mental and physical breaks. This is a quick download that helps you break for a nice stretch. The fun thing about this program is that when the timer sounds, the program opens a calming video with a stretching routine. This helps you relieve stress, limit repetitive motion strain, and give your eyes a break.
This program is completely online, so no download required. It is basically an alarm clock that dings softly every 20 minutes, reminding you to look away from your computer into the distance for 20 seconds to reduce eye strain. I’ve used this program to also get up from my desk during those 20 seconds and run in place vigorously for 20 seconds. Gets the blood pumping and the metabolism working!

The Best App Yet…

If those apps aren’t enough, this app is set to change the way millions of people function every day—and you don’t even need a computer or smart phone to use it. It’s called Self Control, and it blocks sites like Facebook, Instragram, SnapChat and Twitter for a specified period of time to help you minimize distractions while getting other things done. Self Control is a versatile app, also working on food, exercise, and money!

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